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              Address:No.26 Jinma Road, Kaifu District, Changsha City


              About us

              Welcome to visit website of HUNAN ZHAOYANG GENERATING EQUIPMENT CO., LTD  (formerly: Shaoyang Generating Equipment Co., Ltd ).

              HUNAN Zhaoyang Generating Equipment Co., Ltd are professional manufacturers of whole set of hydroelectricity generating equipments with unit capacity under 500MW. 

              Our main products include Pelton, Turgo, Francis, Kaplan and Tubular Turbine, 0.5MW to 500MWhorizontal and vertical type of generator, Excitation Equipment, high and low voltage distribution cabinet, Manual operated/automatic speed governor, power plant valve, power transformer, high capacity pump and electric motor, etc. about 500 models of equipment. 

              The company has a power station civil engineering survey, design, construction technical advisory and service expert team, can undertake 500MW hydropower station dam, channel, plant, booster station all the construction design; for the power station to provide a full range of electromechanical equipment and power plant operation solutions.

              Our company is a production-oriented enterprise with independent import and export management rights. We have large-scale manufacturing bases in Changsha and Shaoyang, which is one of China's hydropower complete equipment manufacturing bases. The products are distributed in all provinces and autonomous regions of China, and are exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Mongolia, North Korea, Chile, Albania, Congo, India, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Italy, etc.

              According to the follow-up survey after sale, our products were praised for ample output, low noise, good stability and operation and reliable quality, thus trusted by customers domestic and aboard. 

              The hydro-generating Units produced by our company comply with the IEC international technical standard, and execute the national standards “Regulation for Turbine and Generator Quality” and “Fundamental Technical Requirement for Turbine and Generator”. Our products also comply with the ISO9001-2008series of quality standard.  

              Our company commits to the motto of “Quality First, Customer First”. We always welcome and service our customer with high quality before sales and after sales services, we would like to share benefit with our customer. Our company service promises are as follows: 

              1. Products of our company enjoy whole life repairs from company; 

              2.Problems occur within the guarantee period, or caused by the equipment itself enjoy free up-to-door repair service; 

              3. Our equipment enjoys whole-life high quality, good price spare parts service. 

              Our company will provide our customer with turn-key program service from the equipment model choosing, manufacture, transportation, installation and testing to operator training.  

              If you or your clients need whole set of hydro-power generating equipment, please provide us with “designed water head (fall), and designed flow (cubic meter per second)” of the plant, we will choose the fittest model of equipment and provide you the quotation. 

              Because of the mini hydropower plant development tide national wide, domestic and aboard customers are very interested in our products and there are many orders from them, we advice you to place order in 5 to 10 months advance so as to guarantee your construction progress. 

              If you have any question, please feel free to telephone, email us, or contact us by our website, we will give you the rapidest response to your question. Your satisfaction is promised. 

              Your enquiry is the start of our service; your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.  

              We welcome both domestic and aboard customers to visit our company and place order. 

              Hunan Zhaoyang Generating Equipment Co., Ltd.  





               E-mail: sm5222765@sina.com ;


               QQ:      392717149

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