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          – parents of 2nd grader
        • In a subject that my child has less interest in than others, Camelot gets her to excel and exceed expectations. parent of Upper School student
        • mother of 7th grader
        • My son seems so grounded and enthusiastic this year... Your staff is superb. mother of 8th grader.
        • I can’t say it enough – Camelot has been life-changing for us!! mother of 1st grader.
        • Transformational! mother of 11th grader
        • You’ve done an amazing job of meeting my daughter where she is! mother of 4th grader
        • Really impressed with the hands-on approach to learning! It’s awesome and innovative! parents of 3rd grader
        • We wouldn’t want our child to go anywhere else! mother of 11th grader.

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